Business & Marketing


These classes help set you on your way to learning how to use social media applications, whether for personal use, within the workplace or applying it to your own business.  The Small Business class covers the fundamentals in setting up your own business!    




  **2017 we are now offering Day Classes

Tuesdays      9.15 - 12.15pm     18 April - 6 June

(Term 2)       8 weeks       $80/$65 concession



Feeling a little left behind with social media? This class will teach you step-by-step how to set up accounts and become familiar with how they work.

Learn facebook, twitter, pinterest , You Tube, apps on your phone and instagram! Plenty of opportunities to post and get help as you go.

Social Media is here to stay—don’t get left behind!  

Course prerequisite: Intermediate computer and literacy skills. Bring your own email address and any existing passwords                                                    



Tuesday evenings 7pm - 9.30pm      

(8 weeks)                              $80 / $65 conc

For those who are about to start or have their own small business and are ready to grow their social media presence to help market their business.

Course prerequisites: intermediate computer and literacy skills, small business

Dates are yet to be decided,  if you are interested in enrolling please contact the office 






Thursday evenings  7pm - 9.30pm       (8 weeks)              $80/$65


Do you have a business idea, wanting to start your own business... but don't know where to start?

We have an exciting opportunity for you to turn your passion into reality and learn the fundamentals needed to get your started!

Understand your vision, mission, values and different business models. Understand how to develop your brand and learn about sales, marketing and networking strategies.  Discuss finance, risk and governances, systems & processes and develop an action plan!

Course prerequisites: business idea and passion!  Numbers are strictly limited for this class.


Dates are yet to be decided,  if you are interested in enrolling please contact the office  




We offer a range of photography classes to teach the beginner through to the advanced level.  Master your digital camera and use your skills to help you in your online business, workplace, for further study or for your own pleasure.

 Take a look at what some of our previous students have achieved!





 Level 1   


Wednesdays    1 - 4pm        19 April - 7 June          

(Term 2)            8 weeks          80/$65 concession


Do you own a digital camera and don't know how to use all the functions?  Well, you are not alone  - this class will teach you how to use your camera well and enable you to take great photos - for pleasure or to support your online business or to study further.

 Bring your digital camera, cables and instruction booklet.


 Level 2 

Wednesdays 1 - 4pm        Dates to be advised

(Term 3)            8 weeks          80/$65 concession


Know the basics of your camera functions but want to learn how to take better pictures? Join this session and discover how you can use an advanced editing software (free) and fully understand how to compose a photo correctly. You will discover how  amazing your camera is combined with your ability to use the camera functions and advanced editing software.

 Using Your SLR

Dates to be decided


Master all of the functions of your SLR camera, for pleasure to expand your knowledge or to support your online business.  Bring your digital camera, cables and instruction booklet.

Please note:  Dates have not been finalised for this course, it will go ahead when we have enough participants and if the other schedules classes do not run. 



The Art Of Photography



 If you have ever wanted to improve the look of your photos and you've learn't how to use your camera but are still puzzled then come to this class and learn about the art behind the image.  Learn how to break down an images composition , how emotion can be added, what your interests may be and how to turn your photography into art!


Dates to be advised if sufficient enrolments