These courses (Level 1 - 4) have been designed for those who would like to learn a wider range of computer skills, either at work or home including

Windows, Internet, Email, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint & basics of

Outlook & Access using the new Microsoft Windows 10.



COMPUTER FOR BEGINNERS with Windows 10 Level 1

An introduction to Windows 10 and Internet and Email—learn how to navigate your desktop, understand icons, use the start button and drop down menus. Search the web, use google and send and receive emails

Tuesdays 1 - 4pm      Dates to be decided       ( 8 weeks) Term 1 or 2
$80/$65 concession


OFFICE COMPUTER SKILLS with Windows 10   Level 2           

Learn file management, right click function, editing your document and how to save. Introduction to excel - create a spreadsheet, enter, edit and format data.

Introduction to the Cloud for storage and learn how to send attachments with your emails and more.

Thursdays 9.30am - 12pm      Dates to be decided.     8 weeks     (Term 1 or 2)

Tuesdays  1 - 4pm        18 April - 6 June   7 weeks       (Term 2)       

$80/$65 conc


OFFICE COMPUTER SKILLS with Windows 10 Level 3

More on Word - Clip Art, Textboxes, Tables, Headers & Footers, Columns.

Further Editing in Excel & Powerpoint Presentations

Thursdays     9.30am - 12 noon      20 April - 8 June      8 weeks    (Term 2)

$80/$65 concession


OFFICE COMPUTER SKILLS with Windows 10 Level 4 


Continues from Level 3 or equivalent. Understand basic computer maintenance and backup to usb, external harddrive etc. Advanced Microsoft Word features: tabs, indents, macros etc. Explore Music & Sound, Photos & Pictures and Movies          

No classes scheduled for Term 1 and 2, if interested please call the office and leave your details



These courses cover the basics of managing your multimedia files such as text, documents, photos, music and video files in

the new Windows 10 environment. You will learn the new features of Windows 10 and different applications to help you with

creating, editing, saving and managing all your multimedia files and Microsoft Office applications.

Using Windows 10, learn how to manage applications, file management and backing up your files and create and

save simple documents. Learn how to create a video and slideshow from your photos. Discover how to use

Cortana, Groove and Microsoft Edge for your music and movie making.

Multimedia 3             9 Feb — 30 March        8 weeks           (Term 1)  Multimedia 1             27 April — 15 June      8 weeks            (Term 2)


Thursdays         12.30—3pm                                                  Cost $80/$65 conc




Have you recently purchased an iPad and want to find out how to get the most out of it?

Learn to navigate, organise and customise your iPad, become familiar with apps, download free apps, learn editing, manage folders, set up email and learn about security features plus more!

Course prerequisites: basic literacy and keyboard skills.  Bring your own iPad with Apple id and set-up.


Wednesdays     9.15am - 12.15pm     8 Feb - 29 March    8 weeks       (Term 1)

Cost $80/$65 conc


iPad 2

Now you are feeling a little more confident, you can continue learning more and more with your iPad! Explore e-books, e-magazines, podcasts, You tube, Safari, purchasing on-line, utilise your calendar, reminders, notes , Facetime and more!

Course prerequisites: Basic literacy & keyboard skills. Bring iPad with Apple ID


Tuesdays      7 Feb - 28 March     9.15am -12.15pm      8 weeks        (Term 1)

Cost $80/$65 conc 






***2017 we are now offering this class during the day! 


Feeling a little left behind with social media?  This class will teach you step by step how to set up accounts and become familiar with how they work.  Learn Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, YouTube, apps on your phone and Instagram!  Plenty of opportunities to play and get help as you go.  Social Media is here to stay - don't get left behind!

Course prerequisites: intermediate computer and literacy skills.

Wednesdays       Dates to be decided         1-4pm       8 weeks            (Term 1)

Cost: $80/$65conc


 SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SMALL BUSINESS   Evening class (Tuesdays)


For those who are about to start or have their own small business and are ready to grow their social media presence to help market their business.

Course prerequisite: Intermediate computer and literacy skills    


No classes scheduled for Term 1 and 2, however if you are interested we may be able to include it into our program, please leave your details at the office